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How to get likes on Instagram

(Last Updated On: 04.02.2021)

The promotion of likes on Instagram is a frequent occurrence in this social network. A large number of hearts under a post allows it to enter the TOP-9 publications by hashtag and raise the profile rating. It is used by both young accounts and bloggers with millions of followers. For cheating, different methods are used — white and black — and which ones, we will describe below. I recommended for you buy instagram likes.

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Hashtags for likes

Earlier, we wrote about how to use hashtags to promote Instagram. For natural advancement, midrange tags are required. But if you need to collect a lot of hearts, you can put special hashtags: #likeforlike, #liketeam #liked #likebackteam #liking #instalikes #liker #likeme, etc.

Korean tags also work well: # 셀카 (selfie), # 셀 스타 그램 (words «selca» and «instagram») and # 얼 스타 그램 (adding the words «face» and «instagram») and others. search or through a translator. You won’t get many hearts, but the effect will still be there.

The higher the frequency of the hashtag, the more publications on them, the faster the post will go down. You shouldn’t put a lot of high-frequency tags in order not to end up in a shadow ban. One or three will be enough.

Hundreds of hearts using tags alone can recruit promoted accounts. Young profiles can count on a couple of dozen. Also, do not wait for the arrival of the target audience. Most likely, the likes will be given by commercial accounts through mass-liking.

Promotion services

The network is full of sites offering to wind up followers, likes and reposts on any social network. This can be done for money or for free. The latter option involves completing tasks: putting down likes, watching videos, subscribing, etc. That is, you help other profiles to promote and earn points.

To wind up a large number of «I like» for free, you need to spend a lot of time. This method is suitable when the profile is young, you need few reactions, or you want to test the site.

The main risks of cheating on Insta


Instagram recognizes real people well and easily calculates profiles created to complete tasks (that is, offers). There is a high risk of cheating reactions being written off. It’s good if the case ends with lost money. If the account falls under the shadow ban, it will be quite difficult to get out of it.

Temporary blocking

If you get carried away and exceed the limits, the algorithm can impose a time limit. It can also occur if the order is executed quickly.

Loss of reputation

Calculating twisted reactions is easy enough. Before ordering an advertisement from a blogger, the latter is checked for cheating. If deception is found, at least advertising will not be ordered, but at the most they will be denounced on the Internet.

Likes should be moderate in order to keep your account safe. It is important to choose proven services and measure the result. At the same time, you need to work on the quality of your account and look for legal promotion methods.

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